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s’mores bars

April 11, 2012

Everyone has a friend that has a recipe they’re known for. I make banana bread a lot. My mom, it’s her mint brownies. Theresa, she’s got these s’mores bars. They’re a commodity, folks.

So, make them. Eat them all in one sitting, getting all sticky from the awesome goo. Regret eating them for a second because you literally cannot move, but then shout about how it was worth it all along. Because it was.

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S'mores bars. Eat 'em up.

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funfetti rice krispie treats

April 9, 2012

Fun. Confetti. Put them together, and what do you get? Awesome-ness.

funfetti rice krispie treats, cake batter marshmallow treats

Funfetti Rice Krispie Treats — recipe adapted from Lovin' From the Oven.

My two younger sisters are absolutely obsessed with funfetti. They’re on this kick where they like to put it in all sorts of dishes besides cake. And I mean, why the heck not? It’s colorful, it’s delicious, it’s fun. Fetti. You get it.

These are insanely easy to make and spice up the tried-and-true Rice Krispie Treats. We had a bunch of the cereal leftover from Scotcheroos, so it was only natural to throw in some marshmallows, an insane amount of sprinkles and watch the pan disappear in less than 20 minutes.

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salted nut rolls

March 23, 2012

Sometimes you feel like a nut…sometimes you feel like a lot.

Salted nut rolls

Salted nut rolls

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chocolate chip cookie bars

March 19, 2012

Good things come in all shapes and sizes. That includes chocolate chip cookies. You can make them in drop form, in a skillet, as a cookie cake, just as raw cookie dough (my sister’s favorite) — or, as a bar!

chocolate chip cookie bars

Blue ribbon chocolate chip cookie bars

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banana bars with cream cheese frosting

March 18, 2012

I’m a big fan of banana-flavored treats, so much so that sometimes I buy banana with very good intentions of eating a very healthy fruit — but then, whoops! They’re black and inedible and need to be baked into banana bread or banana bars. Oh well! What a happy “accident.”

Banana bars with cream cheese frosting

Banana bars with cream cheese frosting

There are just some recipes that you love just because of the memories tied to them. My grandmother and mother have always made banana bars with cream cheese frosting — and I’m crazy about them.

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St. Patty’s Day Special: Creme de Menthe Brownies

March 15, 2012

St. Patrick’s Day is a very big and hyped holiday with my family. Both of my parents have Irish heritage (not that it matters), and not only do we celebrate at the parade, with binge drinking and with an insane amount of shamrocks and green Irish-y things decorating the house, but we use the holiday as an excuse to eat baked goods. This includes one of my all-time favorite recipes growing up, creme de menthe brownies.

creme de menthe brownies, mint brownies

Creme de menthe brownies — a St. Patrick's Day staple

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Egg Nog Cookies

December 20, 2011

It’s Christmas time! Time to break out the holiday eating and drinking traditions and add alcohol to them.

Egg nog cookies with buttercream frosting. Recipe adapted from Tiny Mom.

I’m not the biggest egg nog fan, but my boyfriend bought a quart of it to drink and then left it in my fridge. I wasn’t about to let it go to waste, and since this recipe has pretty simple ingredients, I already had everything else around the house. So, it only made sense to make them!

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